4. Incident Response

Incident Response
An incident may be defined as an event that may be, or may lead to, a business interruption, disruption, loss and/or crisis.
When an out-of-normal condition in your organization occurs, it must be acknowledged as quickly as possible, assessed as to its nature and severity, and some sort of response initiated.
An incident response plan establishes the recommended organization, actions, and procedures when incidents occur. There are many types of computer incidents that may require Incident Response activation. Some examples include:

• Breach of Personal Information / Compromised User Credentials
• Denial of Service / Distributed Denial of Service / Sniffing
• Excessive Port Scans
• Firewall Breach / Policy Violation
• Virus Outbreak / Malware (Worms, Trojans)
• Compromised Systems / Defacing
• Law Enforcement Request
• Lost Equipment / Theft / Physical Break-in

The above mentioned points are depending on the needs to process them in an Incident Response Plan. Innovice-IT B.V. is able to help your organization with the development of an Incident Response Plan and the implementation of an Incident Response Team. Also when an incident happens and you need Incident Respons Coordination, Innovice-IT B.V. can help you.

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