About Innovice-IT B.V.

About Innovice-IT B.V.

Innovice-IT B.V. is a very specialized company. Our team members are specialists based on their knowledge and skills in cyber-security. They are for example certified ethical hackers and certified penetration testers.

We are by definition innovative; the emphasis is on conceptual thinking, developing plans, innovative software or innovative methods with a strong focus on security.

The main activities of Innovice-IT B.V. are:

  • Security Consultancy, our mission is to have your company digital secured on a very  high level. Also known as: ‘the lock on your door’.
  • Monitoring servers, our mission is to know what is happening regarding your companies servers. Also known as: ‘the camera at your door’.
  • Detection, our mission is to detect attacks, not only from the Internet however also within your network. Also known as: ‘the alarm system in your company’.
  • Analyses, our mission is to provide you business-intelligence based on data from your servers. We use advanced machine learning and anomaly detection to make your systems safer.
  • Incident Response, our mission is to reduce damage for your company, due to quick Incident Respone.


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